Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Merdeka Dinna - MOMU style

Coolio, VaJayJay as MC ( half of the time.. )

Jing Harn 1 if im not mistaken..

Lol, she reminds me 0f a camel! * thinks aloud *

This turned out scary... must be the quek

The coloured hair monster whose face is
eternally half covered is in this picture...

"Wheres the hot dudes la?"


Looks like a frame from a food comercial :O

Albert, your gun... its it-s huge! *smiles*

Momu 1st event: Spot the retards!

Al, looks like he is wearing the background...


Thank you, Sa you made my day :P

1 comment:

jay_son89 said...

i didn't know you had a blog! haha, awesome photos dude, as long ago as it was, your photography skills are sure getting betterr